LAN Module

NEXCOM’s network appliances can easily adopt a variety of LAN expansion cards. These cards come in different port types (copper or fiber), port counts and speeds, and choice of with or without bypass, ensuring the most flexible configurations for today’s dynamic network infrastructures.
產品 型號 Controller Bypass Link Speed I/O ports
4c5a5626-cd95-4163-aea4-365755834da3 NC 120FMS4   new-blank.gif MT28808A0-FCCF-EV None 100G 2 QSFP28
7a3f8ba7-d28c-48b0-9b66-5cbcc1f7790c NC Series Mellanox
None 100G 2 QSFP28
02a822e7-ff46-40b6-93a4-6db3c8240aa2 NI 142CX1 Intel®
2 (MCU based) 1G RJ45 x 4
d3fbf1eb-94bb-41d7-8b26-43398f3c5b2e NI 184CX1 Intel®
4 (MCU based) 1G RJ45 x 8
2232b51c-1ab9-4e17-ab42-ffeb5f6e6997 NI Series Intel® I350 0/1/2/4 1G 4/8 RJ45
954c6635-5b71-4fcc-b356-3d6efbb5d9ce NQ 221FX1   new-blank.gif Intel®
2 40GbE 2 QSFP
8c0bf678-42ec-41bb-9fd7-6c6aea5bb2e0 NQ Series Intel®
None 40G 2 QSFP+
957a266c-98bb-4e49-bf75-d667921db4f7 NV 120F Intel®
None 25G/10G 2 SFP28
21d7875c-827d-4831-ad14-871ae627e65f NX Series Intel® XL710 0/2 10G 2/4/8 SFP+
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