VTC 6210-R

Intel® Atom™ E3845 Fanless Rolling Stock Computer with EN50155 Conformity
  • 產品特色
  • Intel® Atom™ processor quad core E3845, 1.91GHz
  • Three SIM cards + dual WWAN modules support
  • Built-in u-blox-M8 GPS
  • Built-in CAN Bus 2.0B
  • Wake on RTC/SMS via WWAN moduleWake on RTC/SMS via WWAN module
  • EN50155 conformity
  • 3 x mini-PCIe socket expansion
  • 4 x DI + 4 x DO w/ isolation
  • 2 x RS232 + 1 x RS422/485 w/ isolation
  • Voice communication via WWAN module
  • 3KVDC Power Isolation Protection (VTC6210-RF Only)
產品型錄 (PDF)

VTC 6210-R, based on Intel® Core™ quad core processor E3845 (1.91GHz), is specifically designed for rolling stock environment. It allows VTC 6210-R to comply with stringent EN50155 standard in rugged, fanless and compact mechanism. VTC 6210-R provides complete communication capability between automotive and computer with build-in CAN BUS 2.0B interface. VTC 6210-R features rich PAN, WLAN and WWAN wireless connectivity. With dual SIM cards support, VTC 6210-R allows three SIM cards backup each other for a better connectivity quality by software. In addition, three SIM cards and dual WWAN modules architecture can increase the bandwidth for a faster data transmission speed. Not only data transmission, VTC 6210-R also supports two-way voice communication. Equipped with intelligent power management, VTC 6210-R can be waked on by ignition, RTC timer or SMS message remotely. By integrating the variety of I/O ports and 3 x mini-PCIe sockets expansibility, VTC 6210-R keeps the flexibility to meet the demand for different rolling stock applications, such as infotainment, dispatching system and video surveillance.

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