DTA 1161

Intel Atom® Processor C3000 Series up to 4 Cores 1.6G, BGA type, with 8 GbE Copper LAN Ports
  • 產品特色
  • Intel Atom® processor C3000 series SoC, BGA type
  • DDR4-2133 Long-DIMM ECC memory, max. 32GB
  • Support 8 GbE LAN ports
  • On-board eMMC 8GB
  • USB 2.0 connector
  • One pairs dual latch bypass (ETH0-ETH1)
產品型錄 (PDF)

Desktop network security appliance DTA 1161 helps small and medium enterprises build a securely connected workplace. Based on the new Intel Atom® processor C3000, the DTA 1161 packs excellent performance per watt, accelerated data cryptography and server-grade LAN functions into a small form factor. This desktop network security appliance can create safe environments for network communication to connect employees and offices.


With dual core SoC Intel Atom® processor C3000 integrated with Intel® QuickAssist Technology, the DTA 1161 is designed to help increase both network responsiveness and security by distributing computing power to core applications, ranging from mail servers to firewalls, while using Intel® QuickAssist Technology for data encryption and decryption, which were processed by software or a discrete hardware accelerator.

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