Industrial IoT Gateway
  • 產品特色
  • Ready-to-use IoT Gateway to accelerate IoT project deployment
  • Easy connectivity via IoT studio, drag-and-drop managing data flow
  • Connecting Max. 5 devices via Modbus TCP/RTU protocol for data acquisition
  • Support wired or wireless cloud connectivity via publish-subscribe-based MQTT protocol
  • Open architecture support both Windows-based and Ubuntu-based IoT Gateway
產品型錄 (PDF)

NISE 50-IoT series is designed to acquire data from PLC or device in the field side, and upload or push it to the database or cloud. The NISE 50-IoT Gateway could also take simple logic control without another computer. With these acquired data, it could help user to improve their process parameter or to predict the machine’s maintenance schedule to reduce the machine’s down time. The build-in application: IoT-Studio, which will speed up the developed and deploy time.

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